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In less than a week, the entrepreneurship competition Ajujaht 2016 will begin. Chosen teams from TOP30 were invited to the Morning Show of Estonian Television to give a presentation of the product. Marina Ahoy was presented by Relika and Hannes, a video tutorial of the sailors app in the background. During that day the traffic in Facebook increased significantly, the same for the homepage...

This is one of the benefits to participate in these competitions. You get noticed, you get a push, you get free advertising, in National Television, which is totally commercial free.

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Marina Ahoy in its first Boat Show. No expectations. Just go with the flow. So what are the things we learned out of those two days. The visitors were more for the hardware which in fact was really broadly presented. From inflatables to luxury yachts. In fact it was a boat show. The feedback we got when talking to the visitors was really encouraging. People are used to the convenience a smartphone can offer on shore and can´t wait to try Marina Ahoy on the water.

The harbour managers we could catch were without exceptions curious and wanted to try it out themselves. No problem for our side. We found also interesting the cooperation interest from Estonian Maritime Rescue Organization and the coastal radio station Tallinn Radio. We´ll improve the level of safety as a notification tool when you go out from your home harbour. For Tallinn Radio we could provide true information of free berths in connected marinas. Actually there was much more, from every conversation we got valuable feedback to improve our service. Can´t wait to have an other boat show when we have our app already available to download.

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