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GUIDE Changing the default invoice number mask

To change the default invoice number mask, go to menu Account / Company profile and insert the desired combination described below to the INVOICE NUMBER MASK field.

The format of the Invoice number can be combined from the following components:

C – Harbour Code. NB! To use the harbour code, it must be inserted first to the Harbour details dialogue.

Y – Year in four digits (2018)

y – year in 2 digits (18)

M – Month in text (MAY)

m – month in numbers (05)

At least one component must be selected, otherwise the default invoice number mask will be used

The invoice starts always with M (refers to Marina Ahoy)

Next to the selected combination the invoice numbers are in succession for each individual harbour.

NB! When changing the invoice number mask, it applies immediately to all new invoices.


Combination C-Y-M is displayed on invoice as M-PIR-2018-MAY-1

Combination C-y-m is displayed on invoice as  M-PIR-18-05-1

Combination y is displayed on invoice as  M-18-1

Combination C is displayed on invoice as  M-PIR-1

NB! PIR in this example is the Harbour Code filled before in Harbour details (CODE).

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