Too much time for check in procedures?

Peak time mess?

Calls flooding your phone?

Incomplete overview of your berths?

Forms? Paperwork?

Cheques written by hand?

Silly mistakes in calculation?

We have a solution !

Affordable software for

Harbour management + Invoicing

Win time, cut costs & earn more

Cut costs

Automate routine tasks. Implement Self-Service. Avoid the need for additional employees during high season.

Earn more

Increase your visibility. Show the number of available berths in real time.

Offer better service

Give the freedom of Self-Service to your customers. Transient guests can check-in & pay mobile when they arrive, no need for paperwork. Members can check-out & in without visiting the harbourmasters office

Marina Ahoy is a point of sale for leisure harbours.

The tool combines occupancy overview with harbour specific invoicing and customer self-service apps.

No need for additional software.

step 1
Create company account

step 2
Add your harbour & pricelist

step 3
Ready to manage your harbour, create invoices and accept mobile payments



List view and visual harbour plan 

Unlimited users, unlimited harbours

Transient guests

Seasonal berth holders

Multiple invoices per booking

Billing history

Autofill for vessel data

Caravans, Dry-storage, Tents

Complete invoicing

Invoices in your native language directly to customers e-mail address, XML format available.

All payment methods,

discount functionality

Automatically calculated visitor fees and additional items autofill

Payment status overview

XLS cash reports

No paperwork

Automated e-mails to customers

  • Check in & booking details

  • Invoices

  • Access codes

Self-service for customers

Transient guests have up-to-date information and real-time overview of available berths,

could book in advance or pay mobile when arrived

Seasonal berth holders report their expected return date when checking out and share their booking details with fellow boat owners

Affordable for harbours

Free for sailors


1€ per unique entry
for using the software

1.05% + 0,30€ per mobile payment

3 months for free

no credit card needed

Pricing designed for small and medium size harbours.

Pay per use.

When there are no vessels, there are no bills to pay.


1€ per 1 seasonal berth holder for the entire season,

1€ for 1 transient guest

Having 50 seasonal berth holders, software costs are 50€ for the entire season.

For servicing 450 transient guests its 450€. 

step 1
Create company account

step 2
Add your harbour & pricelist

step 2
Add your harbour & pricelist

We are GDPR compliant

Our marina management software, used to handle PII (Personally Identifiable Information), follows the principles of Security by Design (SbD) and Privacy by Design (PbD)

Access Your data

All vessel entries and invoices can be downloaded as a XLS file  by Yourself whenever needed.
API available.


Saarte Liinid SL Marinas
Pirita TOP

It´s promising. They ask, they test, they prioritize the right things. It all just makes us rethink our current practices.


—  Renno Tammleht

Harbour manager in Roomassaare