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Harbour management software & Invoicing

What is Marina Ahoy?

It is point of sale for leisure harbours. Software provide occupancy overview with harbour specific invoicing and customer self-service apps. So, no extra software is needed.

  • Attract customers

  • Earn more

  • Save costs

  • Business availability 24/7

  • Manage time effectively 

  • Automate

Get started in minutes

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Key benefits

Cut costs

Automate routine tasks (invoicing, reporting, price list). Also, by proving Self-Service for your customers there will be no need of additional employees during high season.

Earn more

Increase your harbour visibility and optimise berths utilisation. Improve customer satisfaction with clear occupancy overview on the map with numbers of available berths in real time. 

Happy customers

Enable Self-Service for your customers. Guests will be able to check-in & pay via mobile on arrival (no  paperwork). Members can check-in/out without visiting the harbour masters office.

Simple occupancy overview

Visualise harbour plan via list view or map view. 


Not only unlimited harbours but also unlimited users (transient guests and seasonal berth holders) with ability to share critical data with them.

No effort - autofill for vessel data.

Extra service such as parking, caravans, dry-docks, tents also available.

Invoicing and automated communication to customers about payment

Invoicing options

  • Multiple invoices per booking

  • Invoices in native language

  • Billing history

  • Payment status and overview. Multiple payment methods with discount option.

  • Automatically calculated visitors fees and autofill for additional items

  • All vessels entries and invoices can be downloaded as a XLS file if needed.


Cash reports 

Automated communication with customers 

  • Check in and booking details  

  • Invoice information

  • Access codes

We are GDPR compliant

Our marina management software, used to handle PII (Personally Identifiable Information), follows the principles of Security by Design (SbD) and Privacy by Design (PbD)

Access Your data

Multiple reports and data can be downloaded / exported from the platform any time via interface or integration.

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Self service for customers

Transient guests

Up-to-date information and real-time overview of available berths and premises.

Seasonal berth holders

Report expected return date and share your vessel with active bookings with friends or other boat owners.



Book and pay in advance via mobile app or email.




Download Boaters Self-Service app!

No hidden changers in the app.

Download iOS app from the App Stpre


Service Fees apply for:

  • Harbor berths / Dry Docks

  • Parking / Caravan

Supported Payment Processing Services by ECOMMPAY Group includes:

  • Card Acquiring Services

  • Holdback

  • Reporting and Settlement

Harbours already using Marina Ahoy

Saarte Liinid SL Marinas
Pirita TOP

"It's promising. They ask, they test, they prioritise the right things. It all just makes us rethink our current practices."

- Renno Tammleht Harbour manager in Roomassaare

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