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How to start using the self-service app

1. Activate your account

After the harbour has checked You in, you´ll get an Email "Welcome to self-service at Your Harbour"

your username will be the Email address you gave to harbourmaster when checking in​​

Create a password by clicking the link in the Email "Create new password"

Although you are redirected to the Marina Ahoy web app, we suggest you to download our native iOS or Android app

2. Your booking details

The second Email, as the name suggests, contains "Your check-in and booking details at Your Harbour"

To be able to see the same booking the harbour made earlier:

  • please log in to the app with the same Email address that was used to register you in Check In.

  • Select the harbour on the map you were Checked In ( displayes a different icon )

Functionalities offered by Marina Ahoy app.

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