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Can we manage tents & caravans with the same tool?

Managing tents & caravans doesn´t vary much from the harbour management.

With Marina AHoy you have two options:

Option 1

If it´s important to have full overview, collect statistics and even have them on a map you can create a new "harbour" entity. You can create as many "harbour" entities as you need, it´s free.

NB! To have some arrangements made before to start managing tents and caravans in your new "harbour" entity, please let us know: It´s free.


Option 2

 When it´s still important to invoice your customers and collect statistics, but a real-time overview of the number of tents and caravans is not needed, you can manage your tents and caravans with your main "harbour" entity by using the Invoices dashboard.

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