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Prepared for season 2018

Hope You had a great 2017.

It´s always great to look back. Although the summer was a bit late the bravest still sailed in December here in the Baltic Sea. The same did we kind of.

Our first customer Abruka harbour in Estonia started from July. Naissaare harbour took Marina Ahoy into use from September and served 170 customers until the end of the season. There was a lot of feedback, I really mean a lot. Those were the busiest months for us understanding our customers and developing the pits and pieces necessary for their everyday work. And we had our proof of concept.

For season 2018 we have 20 harbours from Estonia already on board managing more than half the number of all visits by boat and it´s still December right? There are some more harbours around the Baltic.

We started from mobile apps. They still call our tool “the app”, but today Marina Ahoy is much more a management tool for harbours and will be in the future. We saw that there are more benefits for sailors to use a convenience app if the harbours support its features - occupancy overview not only for harbours but also for sailors using the app, booking, self-check in and mobile payments, sign-out of seasonal berth-holders with marking the return date to allow harbours serve more customers while their seasonal berth-holders are out.

A full-functional self-service means more convenience for sailors, less hassle for harbours and more time to just chat with the friendly harbour master.

Our team wishes You an innovative next season and hope to hear from you soon!


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