Morning Television ETV

In less than a week, the entrepreneurship competition Ajujaht 2016 will begin. Chosen teams from TOP30 were invited to the Morning Show of Estonian Television to give a presentation of the product. Marina Ahoy was presented by Relika and Hannes, a video tutorial of the sailors app in the background. During that day the traffic in Facebook increased significantly, the same for the homepage...

This is one of the benefits to participate in these competitions. You get noticed, you get a push, you get free advertising, in National Television, which is totally commercial free.

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Same event. Another competition.

As the VUNK Garage48 Hackathon was a Eesti Telekom project adding value to telekom sector it was hard to compete with teams using SIM cards or payment solutions provided by telekom itself. I didn´t mention in my previous posts that the 7 finalists competed during their stay in Startup Wise Guys pre-accelerator to get the next paid month in the same accelerator with mentoring from telekom people. Yes, we were not choosen amongst those two.

But as in every year Ajujaht, an Enterprice Estonia project promoting enterpreneurship, chooses someone from Garage48 events directly to Ajujaht TOP30, they didn´t this year . At least they didn´t do it at the end of the hackathon. The teams where strong and we where all been given the chance to improve ourselves further.

So we got the third prize, or the first when we mean that we where the first Ajujaht TOP30 team this year. Another program, another sprint.

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