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Yes, we won the Wärtsilä Marine Mastermind innovation contest. And we feel, we got it in advance. Even it is exciting, it adds a lot of tension.

The need to find solutions to cranky stuff seems to be in our nature. To do something that matters, for you and adds value for those you care for? The Marina Ahoy journey is exactly that something. You don´t get used to hings as they are, but you ask yourself, could we improve that? Business as usual means lack of innovation. Usually it means occupancy in actions that has no meaning at all. Work to be done to get paid. Does not make anyone happy, does it? We are almost there to release our basic self service feature - the Check IN & OUT. And if I say basic, I probably mean something more extraordinary than You would think. The Check IN & OUT is a digital automatic marina logbook, a sailors logbook and a float plan. Soon we will add booking and payment functionalities and improve the service in detail. We see Marina Ahoy as the second important tool on board beside the navigation tools in a leisure craft. But what about commercial shipping? We have an idea which needs to be validated. The Lean Innovation Lab helps to focus only to that particular matter and no it would be another digital paper logic process. Remember, there doesn´t have to be occupancy in actions that has no meaning. In commercial shipping it means a lot more than only work to get paid. Cheers!


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