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One out of Seven

VUNK Garage48 Hackathon ended nicely. From 24 ideas pitched 12 found their teams and Marina Ahoy was one out of Seven finalists who got an extra month full of coaching from the Startup Wise Guys Accelerator. So Garage48 was the beginning and now it started. Pitch trainings, courses and weekly tasks to accomplish took us deeper into Marina Ahoy.

Sami and Rasmus didn´t join the ride and wished us well after the hackathon ended. Thanks guys!

I remember the remarks from other teams about our team size from the beginning. This time all the teams where big. But in our case, we had sailors or just guys who liked the subject a lot. So growing the team was never a problem :) . During the weeks in Startup Wise Guys program Ragne joined the team and Raivo did. Gleb stayed away. Sergei and Stanislav joined the team. There was allways some transformations and searching for the right balance.


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