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Pre-Story @ 2015

Where good ideas come from? Even more of a question is, why some of them are choosen to be taken to the next level. Like Marina Ahoy?

Me and my wife Relika, we have allways liked to travel. Living in a city was never our thing. Back in 2008 when we moved to the island of Saaremaa I often dreamed to have a sailing boat. Relika rembembers. But until today, we don´t have one. At least my older son is sailing and is really into it. So, we will come back to the idea having a sailing boat sometimes.

In Spring 2015 we were sailing in Tenerife. A daytrip to see the dolphins and whales between Tenerfie and La Gomera was just perfect. This was like our thing, and the boys enjoyed it. I am an freelance architect and Relika has 15 years dealed with e-service developement in public sector working for a ministery. So, imagine. One day, in the beginning of her summer holiday, she came home exited with this idea of having the sailors and marinas communicating on a completely new level. She spent most of the days googeling and making notes by designing the service the whole holiday. Yep, I was a bit schocked in the beginning telling her that she ruined her holiday. But Soon got into it as well finding it exiting because of the subject. Sailing!


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