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Monday Sauna

When you have once involved yourself with the Estonian start-up environment, you get invitation to all kind of seminars, programs and venues every day. You can go for it and lose yourself, or you can pick the ones that really back you up building a start-up. A total jackpot was the Startup Sauna local event in Tallinn. Every minute was well spent. You don´t see that too often. So how do they do that? Startup Sauna, the famous start-up accelerator based in Helsinki, tends to plan everything and waits the same from the participants in their events. They send you links to the blog posts how you should prepare, not only the pitch but also the questions for the mentors. It should be a standard, shouldn´t it? Check out: The pitch round was like clockwork, no delays, no small talk from the jury. Like a Finnish Sauna with more than 100 degrees in the room. You perform for the few minutes and its done, and out into the snow. We had the opportunity for 1to1 coaching. The questions we had prepared got really answered. Thanks Patrick Campbell for the feedback of our pricing plans, thankfully we were already on the same page. Sven Illing, thanks for the honest thoughts and feedback considering the team and commitment, Welix Klaas and Raul Malmstein for the starting up tips and Inka Mero, Timo Tirkkonen and Mike Bradshaw for the tips what are the strength that we should focus on in our product. The session ended like clockwork. Three of the best performed teams were chosen. Marina Ahoy was one of them. YEAH! And before we even got used to the results, everybody was already leaving the Garage48 HUB. We will apply to the Startup Sauna Accelerator!

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