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The hackathon

Friends liked the idea. Sure. But after positive feedback from a local marina operator we knew we have to get further soon.

On 28 of August the VUNK Garage48 Hackathon was held organized by Eesti Telekom and Startup Wise Guys accelerator. A good place to validate the idea in a higher level, get likeminded teammates and give the idea a name.

Relika pitched. Yes she stumbled but her sailor themed drass saved us I suppose. We got an awsome team. First came Sami, then Taavi, Rasmus, Gleb, Meelis and thanks to Meelis came Simmo. It was one of the biggest teams in this event.

During the first night Marina Ahoy was born. And in less than 48 hours we had the service platform prototype for presenting, a decent service model and a team to make it happen.


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